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First and foremost, as you may have guessed I'm a cave diving addict who also dabbles in a bit of freediving and other adventure sports as they present. My interest in videography and writing has led to me being able to share my experiences with others and I'm hoping to continue with this extensively in the future with many more ambitious projects in the pipeline. As the website name may suggest, I had a background in open water distance swimming and that's led me to embrace most things of an aquatic nature. Recently I've returned to this in order to do some solo challenges so stay tuned for that as it will feature on this website too. Whether it's cave diving, freediving, endurance swimming or something other activity who knows what the future has in store. My life is very much a 'Journey in Progress...'

Open Water

For the last 3 years I’ve occasionally got some raised eyebrows about the name I chose for our website and various video channels. Indeed considering they have been notably devoid of any reference to distance swimming until recently and have instead been focused … Continue reading

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Hobart in Hindsight

Back in 2001 I was involved in what was to be a fairly short lived career in the recreational diving industry. I had spent the previous 5 years in the Australian Navy and during my final year my weekends were … Continue reading

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Reel and Guideline Use

Recently, when speaking to a non-diving family member on the subject of reel and guideline use whilst diving, I was met with the following somewhat sarcastic reply. “So you are basically talking about swimming around with a ball of string?” … Continue reading

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“He Supports Solo Diving – Burn The Witch!”

I’m going to preface this article by making an assumption that most of the readers have watched at least one of the Harry Potter movies and as a result will be familiar with the term ‘he who must not be … Continue reading

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“This Dive Will Change Your Life!”

Who can remember when they truly got hooked on diving? With every true enthusiast there is a moment when the sport went from being a mere hobby to a consuming passion. That’s what often separates people who have but a … Continue reading

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Cave Diving via a Hole in the Middle of a Road

Ask anyone about a dive site that comes easily to mind and you can bet that it has some sort of feature that is unique amongst others. Whether it’s the aquatic life you’re likely to see, dramatic topography or stunningly … Continue reading

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Go With The Flow – Drift Snorkelling Eight Mile Creek

Unusual for me but this is going to be an article that actually doesn’t involve diving at all! This may be unusual for mad keen divers but truth be known my affiliation with the aquatic realm for much of my … Continue reading

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